Your elevator may have been approved, but an elevator is only really safe if you use it safely. That is why Liftinstituut provides eight safety tips.

  1. Be careful in elevators with no enclosed cage.
    These are elevators where you can see the wall go past. Keep away from the shaft wall and do not touch it at any time during the ride. Cord, fingers or other small things can get caught if the wall is not completely flat. In these elevators, never stand behind containers, always next to them.
  2. Keep an eye on children – especially if the lift doors are glass.
    Be alert when getting into a lift with your children. See the tips for parents and children here.

  3. Be careful with elevator doors that are closing.
    Do not suddenly place your hand between the elevator doors to hold them apart. This is because not all doors have sensors that will make sure that the doors open again. Do not go and stand between the doors when they are closing. If the doors close on you they can hit you hard.

  4. Keep your dog on a short leash.
    Are you taking the elevator with your dog? In that case, there are a number of safety tips to keep in mind.
  5. Do not jump in the elevator.
    Jumping in the elevator can cause it to malfunction, so you will be trapped.

  6. Take care when leaving an older elevator.
    Elevators that are somewhat older – often without an enclosed cage – have been known to stop in the wrong place. Make sure you don’t fall.
  7. First or last person in the building? Do not take the elevator!
    Do not use the elevator if you are the first or last person in the building. If you get stuck, there will be nobody to help you. Bear in mind that the elevator forms an iron cage, so your cellphone may well not get a signal. Only if there is a guaranteed 24-hour two-way audio facility inside the elevator could you possibly take the elevator. But even then it may well take a long time before you are freed.
  8. Trapped? Wait for help!
    If you get trapped in an elevator, sound the alarm using the emergency button or telephone. Never try to free yourself. Wait for professional help. You could very easily fall in the elevator shaft.