With the Liftinstituut quality mark inside your elevator, you can be sure that an experienced inspector has checked and approved the elevator based on important points of safety. So, what exactly does Liftinstituut pay attention to? More than you’d think. Here are a few of the things on our checklist: 

  • Is the brake working?
    The brake ensures that even if the supporting cables were to break, the elevator would always be caught safely and come to a stop.

  • Are the emergency limit switches functioning?
    If the elevator passes the final stop at the bottom or top of the shaft, there is something wrong. In that case, these switches will ensure that the elevator stops immediately.

  • Are there any breaks in the supporting cables?

  • Are all doors working properly?
    The doors must be completely closed and locked before the elevator starts.

  • Is the crush protection system working?
    This protection system makes sure that nobody gets stuck between the doors.

  • Does the emergency lighting come on if the light fails?

  • Is the two-way audio facility working?
    Stranded elevator passengers can use this to make direct contact with the elevator company’s control room.

As we’ve said, these are just a few questions from our long checklist. Once the inspector has completed the elevator inspection, he fills in the elevator book and checks the documents. Only once everything is in order does he affix the Liftinstituut quality mark. You can see from the quality mark when the next inspection date is.